Uforia Releases Details on the Weapons of Mercenary Wars

October 29, 2009

Releases Details on the Weapons of Mercenary Wars

The Upcoming Online FPS,
Mercenary Wars, Introduces A Huge Variety Of Weaponry Including 14 Different
Types Of Firepower

Uforia today announced its weaponry
lineup for its highly anticipated online military FPS, Mercenary Wars. The
arsenal is made up of 14 different weapons including assault riffles, submachine
guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and machine guns. To learn more about the
artillery, view exclusive videos and screen shots and read about the game’s full
features and details visit


"With this much variety of weaponry,
Mercenary Wars is taking combat to a new level," said JK Kim, CEO of Uforia. "By
offering this broad of a range of arms, we are providing players with the kind
of non-stop, action-packed gameplay that they desire."

The weapons:

Assault Rifles

  • M4A1 – A fully automatic variant
    of the basic M4 carbine intended for special operations use

  • Steyr AUG – The AUG is an Austrian
    bullpup 5.56mm rifle designed in the early 1970s and adopted by the Austrian

  • G36K – A light machine gun
    variation of the G36, German 5.56mm assault rifle

  • AK5 – A Swedish version of the FN
    FNC with certain modifications

  • AK-47 – A selective fire, gas
    operated 7.62mm assault rifle developed in the Soviet Union

Submachine Guns

  • Steyr TMP – An Australian-designed
    select-fire 9x19mm Parabellum caliber machine pistol

  • Mini UZI – An even further scaled
    down version of the Uzi, introduced in 1982

  • UMP – A submachine gun that has
    been adopted by numerous agencies worldwide including the French Gendarmerie
    Nationale and US Customs and Border Protection

  • MP5 SD – The Heckler & Koch MP5 is
    a 9mm submachine gun of German design developed in the 1960s

  • Ingram MAC-10 – A highly compact
    blowback operated machine pistol


  • Benelli M3 Super 90 – A semi
    automatic shotgun that holds seven rounds and uses the proprietary Benelli
    semi-automatic system

  • Franchi SPAS-12 – A combat
    dual-mode shotgun that can be used as a semi-automatic or pump-action firearm

Sniper Rifles

  • PSG1 – A German designed
    semi-automatic rifle

Machine Guns

  • Minigun XM214 – A prototype 5.56mm
    rotary barreled machine gun designed to be man-portable

Unlike other first person shooter
games available today, Mercenary Wars features a unique stat system that players
can use to upgrade and customize their lifelike characters. The combat in the
game is designed to feel very realistic, while also allowing players to adjust
their speed, accuracy, and health stats.

Mercenary Wars is set in the not so
distant future in a world where order and society as we know them are a thing of
the past. The economies of the world have crashed and have been replaced with
total chaos. New alliances have been forged and the world is now controlled by
well-trained groups of mercenaries. Players must determine who to swear their
allegiance to and fight side-by-side to the death, if necessary, in the quest to
ensure becoming the new global powerhouse.

Mercenary Wars will also feature an
innovative Artificial Intelligence system where computer controlled "bots" can
be used in several ways ranging from practice to enhancing game play. Via four
difficulty modes, players can select their desired skill level no matter what
their previous FPS experience might be. Other features include multiple gameplay
modes, a variety of character types and races, extensive ranking system
including more than 50 different character ranks and title, an expansive number
of weapons and equipment available for character customization and a built-in
player-to-player audio communication tool for enhanced real-world combat

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