UFC Fight Night 20 Winners Predicted

UFC Fight Night 20 Winners
By Dakota Grabowski

Grey Dog Software title used to
simulate bouts 

The UFC is putting on their 20th
Fight Night card in Fairfax, Virginia tonight, so we thought it would be
appropriate to predict the winners of the main and co-main event via Grey Dog
Software’s World of Mixed Martial Arts 2 simulator.

To officially simulate the matches
that are being put forth tonight, we had to download the Modern Warriors 5.0
mod, which was created by their user Tag01.

The main event and co-main event
from the televised card looks as such:

Gray Maynard (8-0-1) vs. Nate
Diaz (11-4)

  • Gray Maynard is the #9 Lightweight
    in the world via MMAWeekly.com and #6 at Sherdog.com

  • Reportedly, Maynard will be in
    consideration for a title match against B.J. Penn if he wins tonight.

  • Nate Diaz was the winner of The
    Ultimate Fighter 5 and beat Gray Maynard through the exhibition match process.

Efrain Escudero (12-0) vs. Evan
Dunham (9-0)

  • Efrain Escudero won The Ultimate
    Fighter 8 Lightweight and has nine wins via submission.

  • Evan Dunham recently defeated
    veteran, Marcus Aurelio, at UFC 102.

So let’s get to the action and see
who the determined winners for tonight’s contests are.

Diaz vs. Maynard

Round 1:
Moving in closer, Maynard looks like he may want to wrestle Diaz. Maynard grabs
Diaz and pulls him into a grapple. Using his wrestling skills, Maynard is trying
to push Diaz up against the cage. Maynard manages it, and controls Diaz up
against the cage. Maynard catches Diaz with a hard punch to the ribs. Maynard
steps back from Diaz and looks to unleash some strikes. Maynard gets a vicious
leg kick on Diaz.

Maynard comes in closer, looking to
wrestle with Diaz. Maynard grabs Diaz and pulls him into a grapple. Maynard
tries to wrestle Diaz backward and up against the cage. He does so, and now has
Diaz pinned to the cage. Maynard keeps Diaz up against the cage with wrestling,
getting thirty seconds or more of solid control. We move into the second half of
this round. Diaz waits for Maynard to throw an elbow, and then uses wrestling to
turn him around so that Maynard now has his back to the cage. Diaz moves back
from the grapple and looks ready to strike. Diaz slips out of the way of a
flurry of strikes. Diaz circles as he plans his next move. Not letting Diaz
settle, Maynard moves in closer. Maynard looks to be trying to close the
distance between them. He pulls Diaz into a grapple.

We’re into the final minute of the
round. Using his wrestling skills, Maynard is trying to push Diaz up against the
cage. Diaz ends up backed against the cage. Maynard looks to try and maintain
control via his wrestling skills, but Diaz proves too good and manages to turn
them around so that he is in the dominant position. Diaz takes a short step back
and prepares to strike. The time is up, and that’s the end of round one. That
has to go down as a 10-9 round to Maynard.

Round 2:
There’s the bell for the start of the round! Maynard waits out a flurry of
punches and then hits a sudden huge punch that knocks Diaz down! Diaz recovers
his wits quickly, and waits for Maynard to make a move. Diaz wraps Maynard up in
guard after he dived in with an attempted huge punch. Maynard is trying to pass
guard. Maynard is too much for Diaz, passing guard and gaining side control.
Maynard begins trying to get himself behind Diaz. 

Diaz is in big trouble as he is
forced to give up his back! Maynard tries to flatten Diaz out for a rear naked
choke. Diaz gets flattened out with the rear naked choke, he has to tap! By
Submission, the winner is Maynard!

Official Result: ‘The Bully’ Gray
Maynard defeats Nate Diaz (Submission in 2:22 of round 2). The match was rated
as being Good.

Escudero vs. Dunham

Round 1:
The fight begins! Dunham throws a combination but doesn’t do any damage.
Escudero doesn’t let Dunham settle, stepping in closer to impose himself.
Escudero shoots in, looking for a takedown. Dunham tries to step away from the
takedown. The takedown is completed. Dunham is on his back and pulls guard.
Escudero looks to pass guard and get side control. He passes the guard well,
gaining side control.

Escudero tries to slip behind and
take the back. He shows excellent control to move Dunham over and take his back.
Escudero tries to flatten Dunham out for a rear naked choke. Dunham blocks it by
turtling up. Dunham tries a roll, but doesn’t budge Escudero.

We move into the second half of this
round. Escudero tries to hook Dunham in a rear naked choke. The rear naked choke
is fully applied, Escudero has Dunham flattened out completely, and there is no
option but to tap out! The winner, by Submission, is Efrain Escudero!

Official Result: Efrain Escudero
defeats Evan Dunham (Submission in 3:40 of round 1). The match was rated as
being Good.

* * *

Well there you have it, Gray Maynard
and Efrain Escudero walk away as winners from UFC Fight Night 20.


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