UFC 109: Relentless Predictions via Simulation

February 6, 2010

UFC 109: Relentless Predictions
via Simulation

By Dakota Grabowski

Before you head to the betting tables, read our simulated predictions

This weekend sure does have the
goods when it comes to major sporting events. The NFL has the Super Bowl XLIV
taking place in Miami, Florida on February 7, while UFC has UFC 109: Relentless
in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 6.

The popularity of the UFC is on the
rise and the betting lines in Las Vegas are often among the busiest for any
sporting event. To help people with their bets this weekend, we decided to
predict the winners of UFC 109 by using Grey Dog Software’s World of Mixed
Martial Arts 2 simulator.

To officially simulate the matches
that are being put forth tonight, we had to download the Modern Warriors 5.0
mod, which was created by their user Tag01.

The matches that we have simulated
look as such:

Randy Couture (17-10) vs. Mark
Coleman (16-9)

  • Randy Couture is a former
    three-time UFC heavyweight champion and two-time UFC Light-heavyweight

  • Mark Coleman is the first ever UFC
    heavyweight champion and won the UFC 10 and UFC 11 tournaments.

  • They were originally scheduled to
    meet in a match at UFC 17 in 1998.

Matt Serra (9-6) vs. Frank Trigg

  • Matt Serra is a former UFC
    welterweight champion.

  • Frank Trigg is a former two-time
    UFC welterweight champion.

  • Title could potentially end up
    being a loser leaves town scenario as both are on losing streaks.

Without further ado, here are our
simulated winners for each respective match:

Couture vs. Coleman
Round 1:
Coleman switches stances, throws a speculative punch, then switches right back
again. Couture quickly gets in closer, looking to attack. Couture avoids a
straight right and hits a quick series of punches. A straight punch from Coleman
fails to land. Couture doesn’t let Coleman settle, stepping in closer to impose
himself. Coleman gets caught with a series of quick punches and has to back off.
Couture moves in quickly after a wayward punch and hits a straight punch.
Couture throws a jab but Coleman avoids it.

We go past the halfway point of this
round. A speculative waist-high kick by Coleman finds nothing but air. Not
letting up, Couture quickly steps in closer to attack Coleman. Couture is
looking to turn this into a wrestling match, and is getting in closer to
Coleman. Coleman tries to counter with a takedown, but Couture defends it well.
They start grappling, Coleman looks happy to engage Couture at close quarters.
Couture looks for a takedown from the grapple. The takedown doesn’t work,
Coleman blocked it and then takes control of the grapple.

We’re into the final minute of the
round. The grappling doesn’t last long, as they soon break away from each other.
Coleman sneaks a glance at his corner. Not letting Coleman settle, Couture moves
in closer. Time expires and we come to the end of round one. That round goes to
Couture, but only a 10-9.

Round 2:
Coleman slams a crisp punch into the gloves of Couture, but can’t follow up. It
seems that Couture is happy to let Coleman circle for the moment. Coleman keeps
out of range, assessing the situation. Time slips away as Couture doesn’t press
Coleman. Coleman misses with a punch. Couture moves in quickly after a wayward
punch and hits a flurry of jabs and straight punches.

We move into the second half of this
round. Coleman circles around Couture. Not letting Coleman settle, Couture moves
in closer. Couture throws a couple of jabs as a set up, then shoots in for a
takedown. The takedown is successful, Coleman pulls guard. Couture looks to get
past the guard. Couture is too much for Coleman, passing guard and gaining side

We move into the final 60 seconds of
this round. Couture starts trying to work to use side control as a way to get
behind Coleman. He rolls Coleman over a little … and slips behind to take the
back! Couture pounds away with elbows, Coleman is barely able to offer any
defense at all! The referee is forced to jump in and stop the match! By TKO, the
winner is Couture!

Official Result: Randy ‘The
Natural’ Couture defeats ‘The Hammer’ Mark Coleman (TKO in 4:53 of round 2). The
match was rated as being Decent.


Trigg vs. Serra
Round 1:
There’s the opening bell! Trigg is looking to turn this into a wrestling match,
and is getting in closer to Serra. Serra finds himself pulled into a grappling
contest. Trigg is trying to push Serra so that his back is up against the cage.
Trigg manages it, and controls Serra up against the cage. Trigg tries to keep
him pressed up against the cage with wrestling, but Serra isn’t allowing it.

Serra manages to slap on a standing
guillotine choke, and takes Trigg down with it! Trigg works a hand in and pulls
free before the guillotine can be fully sunk in. Trigg starts trying to work to
get past the guard. Serra comfortably blocks the attempt and keeps Trigg in
guard. Trigg doesn’t allow Serra to lock him up with double underhooks.

We’ve now passed the halfway mark in
this round. Trigg looks to pass guard and get side control. Trigg isn’t able to
pass guard on this attempt. Serra attempts to grab an arm of Trigg from the
bottom of the guard. An armbar is applied, and as soon as the arm is pulled
straight Trigg has to tap out! By Submission, the winner is Serra!

Official Result: Matt ‘The
Terror’ Serra defeats Frank ‘Twinkle Toes’ Trigg (Submission in 3:46 of round
1). The match was rated as being Decent.