UCube exclusive interview

GameZone was able to check out the awesome mobile media center, U Cube. This mobile station includes five 50' high definition TV's, leather seating, theater lights and surround sound for each of the stations. The trailer also has the ability to plus in two additional stations outside of it.

They're also able to supply any gaming needs you might require. Want it to be an all Xbox 360 party? You got it. Want to diversify? That's fine too, as you can have 360's, PS3 and Wii's available. They even cater to motion gaming crowd with Kinect and PS Move as well. Since they're partnering with GameStop, they're also never short of popular games that you might want to have at your event.

UCube is based in South Florida and specializes in any kind of event, be it from a birthday party, a bachelor party, to a business party. They're able to cater to whatever you require.