UC Irvine announces new online course in esports

Learn all about esports for $595.


The University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education has decided to broaden its curriculum with a new online course titled, “Overview of Esports.” This online course will provide insights into the industry from the vantage points of developers, athletes, fans, sponsors, and media.

Additionally, the course will allow students to learn the structures of what esports organizations look like and provide general information on the industry. Job opportunity outlooks and steps joining the industry will also be covered.

“Esports is a rapidly changing industry with many career opportunities being created,” said Stephane Muller, director of business programs for UCI DCE. “To stay on the forefront of the industry and to be able to pursue a successful career in Esports, one must develop a strong foundation through education.”

Making this new course available is the first step that UCI Division of Continuing Education is taking towards their upcoming expanded esports curriculum. The division is currently developing an Esports Management Certificate Program. In this program, students will earn an esports certificate and learn how to execute an esports tournament, project management skills, and how to create a business plan for a team, community event, or anything else focused in esports.