Ubisoft Announces Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy

May 15, 2009

Announces Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy

The most famous detective of all
time begins his first investigation on the Nintendo DS.

Following the death of the famous
explorer Lord Montcalfe, his daughter Elisabeth questions the police’s research
and secretly asks the famous detective Sherlock Holmes to investigate the
strange death of her father. Holmes accepts Elisabeth’s request and heads to
Montcalfe manor alone to begin his investigation…

Discover a fascinating and enigmatic
adventure filled with twists and turns. Thanks to its user friendly controls
based on the stylus and touch screen, the game allows you to move about easily
in diverse and expansive 360 degree settings. This DS version of Sherlock Holmes
features exclusive helpful tools such as Holmes’ notebook, which allows you to
jot down clues to help you during the investigation.

Taking full advantage of the control
possibilities of the touch Screen and stylus, The Mystery of the Mummy will
challenge your logic and exploration skills as you attempt to solve one of the
best new adventure/detective games available on Nintendo DS. Play the role of
the famous detective as you solve numerous puzzles and avoid traps throughout
the adventure.

A mysterious death, hundreds of
clues and a strange mummy mean this case may not be so elementary after all…

Key Features

  • The first Sherlock Holmes
    adventure on the Nintendo DS.

  • A great investigation held in
    beautiful 360 degree settings that can be navigated with the stylus.

  • Use and combine more than one
    hundred objects; discover and collect documents and clues to help you solve
    your investigation.

  • Dozens of puzzles to solve and
    traps to avoid in Lord Montcalfe’s intriguing manor.

  • An integrated notebook allows you
    to note down all the clues which may be useful for your investigation.

  • Use the help system to assist you
    during your exploration, preventing you to stay stuck while leaving enough to
    discover to fully enjoy all puzzles.