Ubisoft Announces NARUTO: The Broken Bond

July 24, 2008

Announces NARUTO: The Broken Bond

Sequel to the Critically Acclaimed NARUTO:
Rise of a Ninja Video Game Arrives Holiday 2008

Today Ubisoft announced the development of NARUTO:
The Broken Bond, the sequel game to NARUTO: Rise of a Ninja. NARUTO: The Broken
Bond is licensed from VIZ Media LLC (North America), TV Tokyo/Shueisha (Europe)
and Mighty Delta (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan). The game, based on the
world-renowned NARUTO animated series, is exclusive to the Xbox 360. The game
will be available in North America, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan for
holiday 2008.

Building on the success of Ubisoft’s NARUTO: Rise
of a Ninja, this sequel features Naruto, who has now evolved into a
well-respected Ninja, but his new status and abilities trigger the envy of his
best friend and Ninja teammate, Sasuke. The enemy of the village, Orochimaru,
takes advantage of the situation and convinces Sasuke to leave his friends and
his village in order to join his evil clan and become more powerful. With the
help of his Ninja friends, Naruto goes on a quest to retrieve Sasuke and save
him. NARUTO: The Broken Bond is also the only NARUTO video game, other than
NARUTO: Rise of a Ninja that features an online multiplayer mode which allows
players to compete against others in an online tournament mode.

"Featuring vibrant and imaginatively detailed
settings, NARUTO: The Broken Bond will take players on an epic journey through
an accurately recreated NARUTO world,” said Christian Salomon, vice president of
worldwide licensing at Ubisoft. We’re excited to continue in the NARUTO: Rise of
a Ninja tradition, boasting the only video game in the franchise that features
an online multiplayer mode that lets players compete against their friends in
tournaments over Xbox LIVE and also gives players the opportunity to relive
genuine moments of the animation, while exploring the open universe of NARUTO.”

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