Ubisoft announces first-half sales of $146 million ( 129 million)

Ubisoft announces first-half
sales of $146 million (ç 129 million)

New record growth: 66.9% (at a constant exchange rate)

Ubisoft’s second quarter 2003-04 sales (ended September 30): $55 million (ç62.3
million) (up 28.8% at constant exchange rates)

Main successes during the period:

  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell™ on
    PlayStation2 was ranked No. 1 in sales in the United States (1)

  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Island
    Thunder, launched in August in the United States, ranked No. 3 in sales on

  • Launches of CSI:Crime Scene
    Investigation™ (PC), Ape Escape™2 (PlayStation2), and Pirates of the
    Caribbean™ (PlayStation2, PC, X-Box™)

Ubisoft among the top five
independent publishers in Europe and the United States: during the first six
months of 2003, Ubisoft was ranked No. 2 in France(3), No. 3 in Germany(3), No.
4 in the United Kingdom(3). During the first nine months of 2003, the Group is
ranked No. 5 on consoles in the US(4).

Ubisoft awarded a number of prizes for the quality of its products:

  • Prince of Persia The Sands of
    Time™ voted Best Action-Adventure Game at E3

  • XIII voted Best Game of the Show
    and Best Console Game at ECTS

  • Far Cry™ voted Best PC Game at

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six™3 voted
    Best Game at XO3

Steady growth:

  • 2003-04 third-quarter sales
    between ç260 and ç280 million

  • Annual sales: up 17 to 22% at
    constant exchange rates

  • Earnings before interest and tax:
    ç42 to ç48 million according to French accounting standards and ç45 to ç51
    million according to the US GAAP pro-forma

  • Net income excluding exceptional
    items (before depreciation of goodwill and business assets): ç19 to ç23
    million according to French accounting standards and ç21 to ç25 million
    according to the US GAAP pro-forma

  • Net free cash flow: ç40 to ç50

“With the launches of Prince of
Persia The Sands of Time™, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six™ 3, XIII, Uru™: Ages Beyond
MYST, and Beyond Good and Evil™, our third quarter promises to be exceptional.
The quality of the products, together with the various awards received, give us
excellent visibility in terms of achieving our annual objectives. What’s more,
the anticipated success of these new titles will allow us to create strong new
brands for years to come,” stated Yves Guillemot, President and CEO of Ubisoft.

About Ubisoft™:
Ubisoft Entertainment is an international producer, publisher and distributor of
interactive entertainment products. A leading company in the multimedia
industry, Ubisoft’s strong and diversified line-up has grown considerably, as
has Ubisoft itself. As well as steadfastly continuing to partner with several
high-profile companies, Ubisoft has also confirmed its presence on the global
market by developing its own exceptional properties. Founded in 1986 in France,
Ubisoft is now present on every continent, both through offices in 21 different
countries including the United States, Morocco, Germany and China and through
sales of products in over 50 countries. The group is dedicated to delivering
high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers around the world.
Ubisoft generated a turnover of 453 million euros for the 2002/2003 fiscal year,
up 23% over the previous fiscal year. To learn more, visit www.ubi.com