Ubisoft and Gatorade Want to Get You in Shape

Ubisoft and Gatorade have announced a partnership to deliver a workout series designed specifically for fitness athletes. Gunnar Peterson, who trains people with lots of money, is powering the game, and it’s out right now.

Centered around the G Series FIT, the workout series offers personalized training sessions that can last up to 30 minutes. It includes all the standard equipment used by fitness fanatics and features squat raises, lunges, techniques that integrate weights and dumbbells, and more.

I got a pretty good sweat on from 45 minutes of Kinect Adventures, so the addition of both Gatorade and Gunnar Peterson to a tailored fitness game is exciting. I wonder if anyone’s ever scrapped an old fitness routine, purchased a Kinect, and had just as good if not better results from a virtual workout. Microsoft should drop a survey on Xbox Live and rake in the cash from potential success stories.

The workout series is available for free from the Xbox Live Marketplace and totals 79mb, so you may be able to get a quick sprint circuit in.