Ubisoft: South Park: The Fractured But Whole skin tone slider is a joke, not tied to difficulty

It's a joke, says Ubisoft

It recently came to light that South Park: The Fractured But Whole has a skin shader that is tied to the game's difficulty. The tougher the difficulty setting, the dark the skin. Well, at least that is what was believed after a playthrough of character creation hit the web.

As it turns out, the skin tone slider simply controls the skin tone – not the game's difficulty as well. Cartman tells you as much during character creation that the choice you make "doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life." 

Ubisoft didn't offer an official statement when questioned by GamesRadar but did confirm that the feature is a joke. It doesn't affect combat difficulty or any other aspect of gameplay difficulty, it is purely cosmetic – at least according to Ubisoft.