Ubisoft’s PS4 games selling more than double both Xbox consoles

3rd party exclusive contract leading the way for Sony

During an investors call on Thursday, Ubisoft informed its investors of some interesting statistics regarding their game sales on both Xbox and Sony consoles. According to Ubisoft, the 2nd quarter of 2015 saw both Xbox One and Xbox 360 account for 11% each of the company's sales for a total of 22%. The interesting thing about this is that the sales for all of Ubisoft's PS4 games amounted to 27%, more than double both Xbox One and Xbox 360 COMBINED. The PS3 tied Microsoft at 11% and Wii U ran the anchor leg of the competition coming in last place with only 3% of reported sales. What surprised me the most was the fact that PC games hit 23%, which was also more than Xbox consoles combined. 

The lack of sales for Nintendo isn't surprising at all considering the lack of 3rd party support Ubisoft has offered. As far as total sales go, Ubisoft rang a total of $103 million through the till. Now, considering it would probably take most of us about 1,000 years of our annual salary to make $103 million it sounds pretty substantial. On the flipside, that numer is actually down 73% from the first quarter of this year.

Ubisoft announced a number of new games at this year's E3 such as For Honor, ANNO 2205 and a South Park: Fractured but Whole sequel that will be released on both Xbox One and PS4. It'll be interesting to see how these stats carry over when these games are released and we'll keep you updated with the most recent numbers.