Ubisoft reveals Just Dance 2016 release date

Dance till your heart's content this October

Ubisoft has updated it's official site for Just Dance 2016 revealing the official release date. Since it's official confirmation ahead of E3, we only knew of an October release. Well today, that window narrowed down quite considerably with the game releasing on October 20th, 2015. We all know the first song you're going to try and break out is the one by Peter Gene Hernandez. Wait, you don't know who that is? Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe you know him by his stage name Bruno Mars? Uptown Funk is going to be on fire come October 20th along with dozens of other songs when Just Dance 2016 hits the Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4 and for the first time mobile platforms.

Players without a camera peripheral will be able to utilize the brand new Just Dance 2016 smartphone app where, once you are logged in, will allow the phone to act as a motion sensor and capture the accuracy of your moves. This will allows any number of players into the thousands to be able to play together at once as well as all new challenges to be included in the game. Of course, you will still be able to play using the Kinect but it's not necessary. And besides, is there anything really that much cooler than an arena full of people doing the Dougie in Just Dance? No…no there's not. Get ya' tailfeathers ready for October 20th!