Ubisoft removes “Time Saver” microtransactions from Ghost Recon Breakpoint

They will return however

Ubisoft has run into a controversy regarding their new multiplayer-military action game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The game isn’t even out yet for the general public but users who bought certain versions of the game have been able to play it in an Early Access form for a couple days now, and what they have found isn’t too promising.

Reddit user Blinkk8704 posted his experience and screenshots about the time he had in the Early Access period. He especially went into detail about his findings in regard to the game’s microtransactions. It didn’t come as a surprise that MTX would be included in Ghost Recon Breakpoint but many were expecting them to be firmly from the cosmetic kind, who don’t affect gameplay. Blinkk8704’s findings revealed that not only has the game a wide range of cosmetic purchases but also several others which have been quickly determined as Pay-to-Win. A very loaded claim in the times where gamers are at the edge of their seats when they simply hear the term.

We recommend checking out the Reddit post in its entirety here but the gist here is that besides cosmetics, users can purchase Skill Points, XP Boosters, weapon upgrades and crafting materials. These are all clearly going to break a fair gameplay balance between those who do and don’t buy them with real money. The post blew up and led to Ubisoft releasing a statement regarding it.

The developer’s claimed in a forum post that these controversial purchases weren’t meant to go live just yet and thus have been disabled for the time being. While gamers are happy that they are turned off now, they absolutely are enraged that they will be reintroduced sometime in the future. Ubisoft claims that these Time Savers aren’t Pay-to-Win MTXs but it’s pretty obvious that they will break the progression system between those who buy them and not.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is coming out today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.