Ubisoft confirms Rayman Legends coming to PS Vita

The Wii U didn't lose exclusivity of Rayman Legends to just the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It lost it to the PS Vita as well. Ubisoft has confirmed that the follow-up to the popular 2011 Rayman Origins will be headed to the PS Vita on August 29th in Europe and August 30th in the United Kingdom.

The Vita version of Rayman Legends will also come with five exclusive maps with the touchscreen-controlled Murphy as a playable character. But that's not all — a Prince of Persia outfit for Rayman and a Splinter Cell outfit for Globox will also be included. Multiplayer mode is also accessible through Wi-Fi.

This is great news. My first taste of Rayman Origins came on the PS Vita in February of 2012, and it was quite the experience. The game really popped on the handheld and it's the perfect game for a mobile console.

Currently, there is not release date for the PS Vita version in the United States.

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