Ubisoft CEO continues to hype NX, says it will put Nintendo ‘back in the race’

Such hype. So little evidence.

Ubisoft's CEO, Yves Guillemot, has been hyping the NX for a while now – whether he means to or not/ During a financial call back in July, Guillemot said that the NX would be bringing "casual players back" to the industry, a bold statement for a console that has yet to be revealed.

All we know of the console is based on patentsrumors and other industry professionals, information that could hint at what type of console we are seeing, but nothing very concrete. During an investor meeting today, Guillemot once again mentioned the NX.

“I believe Nintendo will be back in the race with the NX,” said Guillemot in French during the meeting (as first noticed by Chloé Woitier on Twitter via Venture Beat).

While Ubisoft's CEO has been free to talk about the NX, Nintendo has been doing their best to silence anything that mentions information they don't want to be mentioned yet. Recently, an interview was edited twice, one time to remove what a Nintendo representative said, as per Nintendo's request, and a second time where the author removed that Nintendo requested the removal! 

When will Nintendo reveal the console and end the speculation?