Ubisoft can’t catch a break with Watch Dogs Legion now leaking screenshots

Official showing this weekend

Four in-game screenshots of Ubisoft’s ambitious open-world game Watch Dogs Legion have surfaced on the web. What is just with the massive French game publisher Ubisoft and leaks? While other big players in the industry manage to keep a secret actually secret, Ubisoft’s games regularly get outed in various ways. Just days ago we were shocked to not only get a leaked snippet of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay, it was an entire half hour of it to boot!

Today’s it’s the leakage turn for the other big Ubi project which was supposed to be shown in greater detail this weekend during Ubisoft Forward. Ubi’s dedicated pre-recorded digital event which aims to take the place of the regular E3 press conference. And thank God the event is only four days away. Otherwise, we’d fear getting it entirely leaked in the coming days!

But to be clear, the leak today of Watch Dogs Legion is nowhere near as comprehensive and large as that of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s only four in-game screenshots that give insight into certain aspects and mechanics. Check them all out here!

As you can see, at first glance the leaked screenshots seem unassuming, but a closer look has our imagination running wild just at how ambitious Watch Dogs Legion is. We already knew that players will be able to recruit virtually every citizen in the dystopian city of London. There’s much more to this than just getting an arbitrary number go high, however.

The big clue here is that the play will be able to assume control and play as any of them. This ought to make replaying missions a fresh and unique experience with wildly different approaches each and every time. Want to trick guards with your feminine charms? Take control of a model! Want to become the ultimate predator? Play as a spy!

Ubisoft will show much more of Watch Dogs Legion later this Sunday in their Ubisoft Forward digital event.