Ubisoft bringing the Predator to Ghost Recon Wildlands in free PVP update

The Jungle Storm is bringing new content (and the Predator for a limited time).

Ghost Recons Wildlands is about to get some new PVP content, thanks to the second major free update to the PVP mode titled 'The Jungle Storm'! Two new classes will be joining the fight in Ghost War, one of which is the Pathfinder, a stealth-oriented Ghost that cannot be marked by drones and uses a crossbow. 

The other class is a Dutch (protagonist from Predator) inspired class, who can engage a battle rage mode that tips the scales in his favor.

The Jungle Storm will also introduce ranked play, which will challenge players and squads to see who is the best. It will also bring new maps for Elimination and Uplink modes, new weapons, as well as new gameplay updates for both PVP and PVE modes.

In addition to content found in The Jungle Storm, the ultimate hunter is heading to Ghost War Wildlands.

The Predator will only be in the game for a limited time, unlike the other items included in 'The Jungle Storm,' however, he will leave his mark.

Between December 14th and through early January, the Predator will be hunting down (or will be hunted by you) in either solo play or co-op. Bringing down the Predator will bring you special items like the Predator mask with features Predator vision. 

Additionally, the Predator Pack (available in the in-game store) will introduce 15 new customization items inspired by the original movie, including weapons and a new close combat move.

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