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FRANCISCO – May 14, 2001 – Ubi Soft Entertainment has signed a deal with
Digital Anvil Holdings to publish Loose Cannon and Conquest: Frontier Wars
worldwide. With this agreement Ubi Soft acquires the rights to publish Loose
Cannon on all platforms, and the rights to publish Conquest: Frontier Wars on
PC. Ubi Soft’s objective will be to expand the Loose Cannon brand by
developing it on next generation consoles.


two projects were originally handled by Digital Anvil, an Austin, Texas based
company founded by Chris Roberts. Roberts is one of the stars of the
development world, best known for the wildly successful Wing Commander series.
Eric Peterson, the original producer of the game, has opened his own
development house called Fever Pitch Studios, Inc., to finish work on
Conquest: Frontier Wars, which is slated for release in the 3rd Quarter of
2001. Sinister Games, Ubi Soft’s highly talented studio in Raleigh, North
Carolina, will finish development on Loose Cannon, which is slated for release
in the 1st Quarter of 2002.


Cannon, created by Tony Zurovec, is pure action-adventure that combines an
intense mercenary-style driving game with a shooting game. The year is 2016,
and players take the role of bounty hunters in a country plagued by crime.
Driving around cities from San Francisco to New York in a car equipped with
weapons, players will hear police calls on the radio and choose whether to
intervene in bank robberies, muggings and other crimes in progress. Two years
of development and five million dollars have already been spent on the game.
Loose Cannon uses the very latest technology to give players a unique gaming


Frontier Wars is a 3D real-time strategy game that takes place in solar
systems around the galaxy. Aimed at RTS players ages 18 to 35, the game-play
is reminiscent of tactical situations faced by the U.S. and Japan in the
Pacific theater of World War II – but now those events are played out on the
modern battleground of space.


games are in line with Ubi Soft’s strategy of acquiring strong brands. They
expand the group’s adult offerings. "With these product acquisitions, Ubi
Soft solidifies its strong commitment to the PC market," said Ubi Soft
President and CEO Yves Guillemot. "Loose Cannon and Conquest: Frontier
Wars are both incredible games that are going to revolutionize their
respective genres."


of Loose Cannon, Conquest: Frontier Wars and the rest of Ubi Soft’s impressive
product lineup will be shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los
Angeles on May 17-19th. Visit www.ubisoft.com/e3-2001


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