U-WARS – Sound Spectacle from Undersea

July 16, 2009

“U-WARS” – Sound Spectacle from

Composer of symphonic music
Jeremy Soul writes Soundtrack

Today the Russian developer BIART
announce the partnership with the famous music composer Jeremy Soul for its
upcoming product “U-WARS” on XBOX360, PC and PSP. After many months of
cumulative work a fantastic soundtrack has been created that perfectly
transports the dramatic and thrill of an extraordinary action shooter.

For “U-WARS” Soul drew upon a lot of
different influences as inspiration like claustrophobic, urgent or awe-inspiring
moments that people might experience in films like Das Boot, The Hunt for Red
October or perhaps even The Abyss.

For over a decade, Soule has
provided music for some of the most successful and admired games of all time.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Harry Potter, Total Annihilation, SOCOM:
The Navy Seals and the Elder Scrolls series can all attribute music to him.

“U-Wars” is a tactical sci-fi third
person shooter set up an ultra realistic subaqueous scenario. Combining the
thrill of an undersea setting with a cinematic approach and a superior story
line “U-Wars” is the first lifelike underwater action experience.

Click here to download
a music sample from U-Wars.

Please find more information on the
official product website: