U.S. Army wants “Star Wars” speeder bikes

The future is now

The US Army has commisioned Malloy Aeronautics for the development of Star Wars-style hover bikes, with it understood that the finished product could arrive within the next 5 years. 

The technology being developed and tested at the moment, as featured in the video above, is more of a hovering device than an actual bike; however, the plan to create revolutionary hover bikes (similiar to those featured in the Star Wars films) is very much coming to fruition. 

It is believed that the US Army intends to use the proposed bikes in specific predicaments. The plan is that the bikes will be used as "tactical reconnaissance vehicles" during search and rescue missions, as they should be a lot quieter than other forms of transport. 

The bikes that have been commisioned would hover using four fans, allowing the driver to elevate himself from potential debris below. So for those gamers that are already hyped to see one of these bikes in action, unfortunately they probably won't look or ride like a Star Wars speeder bike. Sigh.

US Army want "Star Wars" speeder bikes

Malloy Aeronautics has insisted that the bikes will be able to fly 10,000ft into the sky, while boasting a 93-mile flight range and a top speed of about 170mph. The bikes are reportedly going to cost between $50,000 – $60,000, which is cheaper than expected.

Rob Enderle, Principal at the Enderle Group, described the bikes to TechNewsWorld: "Think of it as a potentially much faster alternative to a motorcycle that can go fast where a motorcycle might bog down."

Obviously these bikes will not be available to the general public, so don't expect Star Wars speeder bikes to be running around the Top Gear race track any time soon!