Two Awesome Indie Bundles Available on Steam

I see some of you are still having a hard time finding Kirby Mass Attack. Well, that kind of blows. But give it some time, and hopefully Nintendo will ship the game to all possible retailers. In the meantime, why not snag some games that are just as charming as the pink intergalactic hero? Why not download some indie titles?

Steam is currently hosting two generous sales on a collection of indie games. The first is the 2D Bundle which includes Bit.Trip Runner, Night Sky, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, Swords and Soldiers HD, and World of Goo. That’s some solid indie gaming all for just $9.99. That’s 80 percent off, which means you’ll be saving a whopping $39.96.

There’s also the Strategy Bundle, and this offer includes Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Revenge of the Titans, Sanctum, and Sol Survivor. You can score this bundle of five games for just $9.99, as well. At a savings of 82 percent, that’s $44.96 that you’ll get to keep for other game-related purchases.

At incredibly low prices like these, it’s hard not to urge you folks to support indie gaming. Plus, with two different bundles, there’s practically something for everyone. I’m sure these titles are more than enough to keep you busy until Kirby Mass Attack is available at your local video game retailer.