Two new Total War: Rome 2 videos increase the anticipation

The Creative Assembly appears to be making one fine game with Total War: Rome II.  This title went under the radar for a while, but has resurfaced as strong as ever these last few weeks with all-new information about Carthage.  Today, two new videos were released, featuring the creators talking about what players can expect when Total War: Rome II releases.

The overarching theme here is that Total War: Rome II will be massive.  Not only will there be both land and sea combat, they will be combined for more epic combat.  We’re talking huge scale, 40 troops per faction battlegrounds.  New to this title will be the fan desired tactical map.  While veterans of the series may lift their nose to tactical maps claiming that the game will become too easy, this isn’t at all the case.  From the tactical screen it will be nearly impossible to command your troops.             

As in any Total War game, historical realism is something the Creative strives to maintain.  However, finding the balance between historical accuracy and gameplay is always a challenge.  To add a more enjoyable experience for the player often certain realisms have to be dropped.  Choosing what to get rid of or how far to alter it is really where the magic is done.

Rome II will strive to have less siege battles but the ones that occur will be on a far grander scale.  The goal was to focus more on quality than quantity.  This carries over to factions as well.  Instead of having hundreds of playable factions, the cultures you can play as will be detailed and refined.  The Celts will look, feel, and play much more different than the Romans.  Combat will be slightly slower than what you are used to and the maps will be far larger than ever before.

Check out the two video below and get excited for this game already!     

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