Two new Black Ops 2 Zombie screenshots pop up ahead of premiere

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie mode isn't due to premiere until tomorrow, September 26, but some new screenshots of the popular mode have popped up on OXM.

The two screenshots don't reveal anything out of the ordinary, just the typical hordes of zombies you'd come to expect in this deadly mode. The first screenshot focuses on a group of zombies roaming around the same bus station that we saw in a previous teaser trailer released last week. The second is just one single terrifying zombie read to chew your face off. (what is this Miami?) Yesterday, we received a trailer that sounded like what could be a new type of zombie.

Anyway, the official premiere of Black Ops 2's Zombie Mode is set to debut tomorrow. Be sure to check back when Treyarch officially unveils the zombies.