Two friends will only require one copy of ‘A Way Out’ to play online

Because "F**k buying two copies"

A Way Out developer, Josef Fares, was detailed by EA to be a passionate developer with a capacity to be somewhat 'controversial.' Today, Fares took to Twitter to highlight something that game publishers might consider controversial, but players would consider great.

A Way Out will shareable between friends and Fares wants to make sure everyone knows that they only need to purchase one copy of the game – even if they want to play it with someone who doesn't have it. Basically, if you buy the game, you can invite your friend to download the 'friends pass free trial' and then boom, you're both playing the game together.

Now, this is good news for gamers with friends who wouldn't go out and purchase the game for themselves, but it goes against what most publishers want, which is selling as many copies of a game as possible.Fares has been fairly outspoken when it comes to the PS4's power and about how good EA has treated him as a game developer.

A Way Out is set to release on March 23rd.