Two free weapons coming to Splatoon tonight

Splatoon continues to sprinkle on the content

Here we are again, another Friday night, and another free batch of new content for Splatoon. This time we have two new weapon load outs to play with: The Range Blaster and Inkbrush Nouveau, both of which look pretty good.

SplatoonBlasters are not very beginner friendly, but they paint with the ink of splattered enemies when mastered.

The Range Blaster load out is rock solid for narrow maps, because Blasters have explosive rounds that just can't be dodged in tight areas. On top of that, the Splah Wall sub weapon will stop an opponent's advance dead in his or her tracks while you rain the pain. Add in the Inkstrike special for tactical strike capability, and this set up looks like a great asset for any Ranked Battle team, in capable hands that is.

SplatoonInkbrushes are the speedsters of Splatoon.

The Inkbrush Nouveau is a nice front line weapon with support capabilities. Inkbrushes are some of the quickest to the front lines, and they're always in your face if they can help it. The Ink Mine is an unpleasant surprise when stuck in a fire fight, and can be used to slow enemy advancements, and while the Kraken is often the special weapon of choice for offensive minded players, the Bubbler is a more team oriented option. The only thing that feels better than saving a teammate? Teaming up to turn the tables on your unfortunate foes..

Update: It seems there may be three weapons tonight? seems there's a bit of confusion on twitter between official Nintendo sources.

SplatoonThere may be a third weapon out tonight.

There may be an Octobrush coming, which offeres more coverage than an inkbrush, and has Squid Beacon sub weapons, and the Kraken special. That would make it the absolute for blitzkrieg tactics, quickly establishing the frontlines in enemy territory and quickly allowing your team to jump directly into enemy territory.

As always, these updates will go live at 7PM PST.