Twisted Metal Launches on Valentine’s Day

Screw Cupid! Sweet Tooth is going to be the one bringing tidings of love and affection this Valentine’s Day! In a video post on the PlayStation Blog, Eat Sleep Play boss David Jaffe announced the launch date of the upcoming Twisted Metal, stating that the anticipated car combat title would drop on February 14.

Jaffe had previously revealed that Twisted Metal wouldn’t be making its scheduled October launch. Instead, the game was postponed for 2012 so that Eat Sleep Play could iron out a few wrinkles and pack some more content and features into the game. It’s awesome to get a clear release date for Twisted Metal, and like many other fans of the series, I’m really looking forward to it.

According to Jaffe, the game is definitely something to look forward to. And with the extra development time, Eat Sleep Play has managed to make it even more awesome than they had originally planned. It’s good to know that Jaffe is confident about his game, and it’s going to be awesome playing a brand new Twisted Metal on the PlayStation 3 come February 14.

It looks like many of you can now look forward to spending Valentine’s Day with your special one in front of the TV blowing each other up. Aww, how romantic! Obviously, this should make a great Valentine’s Day present for many a gamer out there, so if you know someone who likes Twisted Metal, you know exactly what to get that person (or what to ask them to get you). After all, flowers and candy are so played out!