Twisted Metal University looks at energy attacks and sidearms

Today, Sony has released the first episode of a brand new Twisted Metal video series introducing newcomers, or even veteran players, to the new features and weapons in the upcoming Twisted Metal game.  Titled "Twisted Metal University", the goal is to "get you up to speed in time for Twisted Metal's February 14th release".

In today's "What Lies Beneath" episode, your teacher introduces you to some of Twisted Metal's fiendish firepower, focusing on the game's Energy Attacks and Sidearms.

The video begins with the Energy Attacks, discussing how they work and the different types of attacks you can unlock as you play through the game online or in singleplayer.  These attacks include weapons like EMP Blast, Absorption shield, Mines, and much more.

In addition, they also discuss the game's sidearm weapons.  Each weapons has their own perks, as well as downside, whether you choose the shotgun, magnum revolver, heat-seeking Swarmer rocket launcher, or the powerful Mega Gun.  Some stronger sidearms might have longer recharge time, while others might require you to be in close range of the enemy vehicle for maximum damage.

As you are about to learn, there is more depth to Twisted Metal than meets the eye.  You might as well get a head start with the video below.