Twisted Metal dev talks last minute gameplay tweaks

Yesterday, some of the final Twisted Metal code was submitted for final production, but behind the scenes the development team is doing some fine tuning and last minute tweaks to the game.

Twisted Metal Co-Director David Jaffe updated fans through a Vlog in which he showed off some features of the LA Skyline level, and kept fans in the loop with the last minute changes.  In the video, which can be seen below, Jaffe discusses the ideas behind pick-up and faction leader placement, falling damage, and destructible environments.

"What I'm doing right now is double checking and triple checking…making sure that we're happy with pick-up placement," Jaffe explained.  "The pick-up game is really crucial cause when you have so many hit points on your vehicles, that's really the main thing that gets you to break off from the offensive behavior.  Otherwise, you'd just be sitting in place, and whoever pounds the buttons fastest wins."

Jaffe then gave fans a small tour of the rooftop level explaining that you always want to place the pick-ups in "good, memorable locations."  After the brief tour, Jaffe went into "fall damage."

"We're trying to find that exact number where falling feels punishing enough, but not so punishing that you can basically grief your teammates if your just an asshole and your sitting there driving off the roof over and over.  We don't you to be able to do that to your team."

Jaffe continued, "It's kind of a balance trying to figure out where that number is.  It's actually a percentage and I think 54 might be a little low…On our cars we want it to be, worst case, three times you can fall off and your dead.  Best case two.  Two might be a little punishing.  Two to three, and right now you can do it at four."

Aside from damage tweaks and pick-up placement, Jaffe and the team is continuing to work on faction leader placement for NUKE mode.  With that comes destructible environments which Jaffe is working on and getting a list of areas of the maps that need their hit points on destructibles lowered.

"Obviously a lot of destructibles we want to put a lot of hit points in so it's satisfying to take out, but on some of them you just want to crash through and just keep going."

They hope to do a few more playtests before Twisted Metal is officially released on February 14, 2012.