Twisted Metal demo hits snag, players experience ‘Matchmaking Error’

Yesterday, the Twisted Metal demo went live on PlayStation Network, but many PS3 users are having problems accessing the game's online gameplay modes – Deathmatch and Nuke.

Though, the single-player Challenge mode works just fine, the bulk of the demo consists of online multiplayer which is currently the portion experiencing the problem.

When attempting to join an online game, be it Deathmatch or Nuke, players are receiving "Matchmaking Errors".

According to an update yesterday from game director David Jaffe, "Sony has deployed PART of the fix."

"There are 2 issues and issue #2 is still being worked on," he explained. "HOWEVER, fix #1 SHOULD be up now and allow players to get in and play games without the crashes."

"You will still experience CAN NOT CONNECT issues, but from what I understand – ou won't experience them as much and once in game, it will be more stable crash wise."

As of last night, Sony left off with the partial fix and is apparently still working on the problem.  Although they claim the game should work somewhat better now online, I have not yet been able to connect at all this morning. 

Last night, I was able to get in a few matches, however, and I can say it was a ton of fun.  Hopefully the problems get fixed soon so everyone can enjoy the otherwise great demo.

Either way, Jaffe recommends you Tweet him with any problems you are experiencing.  In the meantime, I suggest you try out the single-player Challenge mode.