Twisted Metal demo extended until February 13th

The Twisted Metal demo was made available for PlayStation 3 users last week, but thanks to "matchmaking error", many users have been unable to experience the game's online portion.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal seeing as how the single-player Challenge mode still works, but for a game that so heavily emphasizes online multiplayer, this is a huge problem.

Luckily for PS3 users, game direct David Jaffe recognizes the problem and admits it's inexcusable for the demo to not work properly.  As a way of attempting to make things right with the Twisted Metal community, Sony and Eat Sleep Play have decided to extend the Twisted Metal demo until February 13th, a day before the game officially releases.

If the patch for the demo, which just went into SDQA, actually fixes the matchmaking problem, then there should be enough time for players to experience the online gameplay before the February 14th release date.

Jaffe acknowledged the progress, saying the matchmaking has "gotten much better", but admitted "it's still an issue". 

It's easy to see why some developers refuse to release pre-launch demos.  Problems like this one could turn consumers off from purchasing the game; but when you show the passion and dedication that Jaffe has displayed with Twisted Metal, it's hard to hold a grudge.  And if there is one thing I learned with my brief period with the online demo, it's that Twisted Metal is definitely a game worth playing – no matter what the wait.