Twisted Metal demo expected to arrive on PS3 with PSN update ‘this afternoon’, contains no Story Mode

If you're like me, you're probably really anxious to demo Twisted Metal.  Unfortunately, the demo is not yet available and won't be until the PSN update goes live this afternoon.

According to game director David Jaffe, his understanding is it will "hit with the PSN update" which is scheduled to arrive later today for United States PS3 owners.  In addition to the demo arrival timeframe, Jaffe also told fans what would be available in the demo.

Unfortunately, Story Mode is not enabled in the TM demo.  It does contain the singleplayer Challenge Mode against bots, as well as multiplayer gameplay, but no story.  While this is a little disappointing, the multiplayer aspect should give you a good feel for how you'll spend the majority of your gameplay time.  Jaffe has expressed to fans numerous times that the campaign may not live up to the expectations of campaigns from games like Skyrim, but did say the multiplayer is a ton of fun and the main aspect of the game.

While we wait for the demo to arrive, David Jaffe did give fans a brief last minute statement expressing his thoughts and feelings of the game.  I've got to admit, I love Jaffe's candidness.  From the very beginning he's been completely open about Twisted Metal. He's everything you'd hope from a game developer: passionate, truthful, and open.  Here is a rought translation of his final words before the release of the Twisted Metal demo.

"I am both very excited and nervous as fuck! I am super proud of our baby but you never really know if others will love your kids like you do &see the magic in them that you do. I felt the same way with GOD OF WAR.  I imagine folks like @TimOfLegend and @therealcliffyb felt the same way about Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Unreal T, and Gears of War. At the same time, I felt the same butterflies in my stomach over CALLING ALL CARS and I imagine the folks who made Superman64 did as well. But be the demo response Twisted AMAZING Metal or Twisted MEHtal, I'm still super proud of the game and the team and grateful Sony allowed us-once again- to follow our passions and make a game we believed in and loved! I may or may not tweet and respond and vblog for a day or two once demo hits (be the response amazing or meh) because I wanna just hang back and let the game sell itself and soak in the comments and suggestions and responses."

While we've already had some hands-on time with Twisted Metal, we can't wait to get our hands on this newest version with Jaffe said reflects about  '85% of day 1 tweaks'.