Twisted Metal delayed … but only in Europe

It's days like today that make me glad I live in North America. Why? Because we're still getting Twisted Metal, the super anticipated car combat title from Eat Sleep Play and Sony, on February 14. Unfortunately for the folks over in Europe, they're going to have to wait about another month for the game, which has received several content edits.

In a post on NeoGAF, series creator David Jaffe addressed some changes to the game's more morbid themes. One example is the intro scene where Sweet Tooth gets stabbed in the eye. Yeah, that's been cut in Europe. Total freakin' shame.

If you've played the Twisted Metal demo (I'm currently undefeated in online competition, by the way), you may be familiar with that one screaming dude who's strapped to a gurney. Well, that screaming dude is no longer screaming, because in the European version of Twisted Metal, he's just a dead guy with some dynamite on him. Weak.

It's a shame these changes had to be made, but as Jaffe stated, Sony owns the IP, so it was the company's decision to censor the game in Europe, which is now due out sometime in March. I can't wait for February 14 to get my hands on Twisted Metal. It's a shame that the folks over in Europe won't get to play the game that day.