Twisted Metal about “1000 times better” than TMB

A lot has been said about the single-player mode in the new Twisted Metal.  Most of it has come from the mouth of creator David Jaffe who made headlines when he suggested that those buying the new Twisted Metal for the campaign would be better off renting the game.

Jaffe said at the time, "To keep expectations in check, know this: the bosses are super cool, I think the stories/cutscenes/game fiction is really very cool, and the campaign is more varied than any other TM we’ve ever made BUT if you go in expecting a campaign the likes of BATMAN:ARKHAM CITY, SKYRIM, GEARS OF WAR, KILLZONE 3, etc…you will be sorely disappointed."

That's not to say the new Twisted Metal won't be good, but the story just won't be as good as the aforementioned games which is reasonable given those titles as comparison.  But recently, Jaffe talked about how it compared to a game more closely related – Twisted Metal Black.

According to Jaffe, Twisted Metal is about "1000 times better than TMB".

Jaffe responded to a fan on twitter, "I liked TMB a lot and I think this game – in campaign and MP – is about 1000 times better than TMB".

I know it's hard to take what video game developers say seriously, but I tend to believe Jaffe.  Up until now he's been extremely honest and open about Twisted Metal so I think he really feels this way.  Of course, think of the PR nightmare they'd have if he said it wasn't better than TMB.

Even Jaffe admitted, "But I am biased, of course :)!"

Either way, on February 14th we'll find out how good or bad Twisted Metal really is.  As for our take on Twisted Metal Black, let's see how it holds up to our gaming standards of today.