Turtle Beach Announces a New Xbox 360 Headset

With an already impressive portfolio of quality gaming headsets, Turtle Beach is at it again as they have officially unveiled the new Ear Force X12 headset, designed specifically for the Xbox 360.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force X12, set to be available this fall, features variable bass boost, amplified stereo audio, and premium 50mm speakers. Forget searching for those pesky batteries; the X12 headset runs completely off USB power. DSS 7.1 surround sound processor compatible, the smallest details will be picked up when using the headset. Your moments of glory and agony will be able to be heard by all with microphone monitoring included in the X12 headset.

With all these fantastic features, you’re probably asking how much these bad boys will set you back. Surprisingly enough, the X12 headset is priced $59.95, and can also work with your PC.

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