Try Dragon Quest Builders 2 with Jumbo Demo on Steam and PS4

Start building and fighting today for free!

Square Enix today released a demo for Dragon Quest Builders 2. The self-titled Jumbo Demo is available right now on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Even if you plan on buying the game when it releases next week, the progress made in the demo will carry over to the full game. So, giving the demo a run is worth it for everyone.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is long available on the PlayStation 4. Since July this year, PS4 users have been able to play the charming little creative sandbox set in the cult Dragon Quest JRPG franchise. But starting today, PC gamers wanting to try the game to see if it is up their liking can play the Jumbo Demo for free before its imminent launch.

Hello apprentice builders!
It’s time to try the beloved creative block-building RPG DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2. Today we’re excited to announce that the new JUMBO DEMO is available to download right now!
Start by customizing your character and set off to your first encounter with the children of Hargon. Team up with Malroth in the Isle of Awakening and sail to Furrowfield to help the villagers rebuild their town! Do not be shy to explore young builder, as you can transfer your save data to the full version of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2!

While the first Dragon Quest Builders eventually made its way to the West in form of PS3 and PS4 ports and won over us, it will be the first time that PC users can experience the addicting mix of sandbox building and cute real-time action-adventure. With the PC being home to creative sandboxes titles, DQB2 could very well become a must-play genre entry. Thankfully, the wait is very short.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is out on PS4 right now and will launch on PC via Steam next week, December 19th.