Trouble in BioShock Infinite paradise? Two devs leave Irrational Games

Sources close to Gamasutra have claimed that two "key members" of the BioShock Infinite development team have left Irrational Games, raising further questions about the state of game.

The report details Tim Gerritsen, director of product development, and art director Nate Wells have both announced their departure from the studio.

Wells Twitter bio, at one point, was changed to "New Job…Details to follow". It was quickly changed after NeoGAF members began speculation. His LinkedIn page also briefly listed Naughty Dog as an employer in 2012, but has also been removed. Wells worked for Irrational for 13 years.

Meanwhile, Gerritsen's LinkedIn page lists his employment at Irrational Games as having ended this month as well. As director of product development, Gerritsen was part of the Senior Management team and oversaw the product development division of the  company. He directly managed the content creators for BioShock Infinite.

This news come after the sudden delay in which the game's release was pushed back to February 26, 2013 to give developers more time to "polish the title". Since the announcement, no one has seen or heard much about BioShock Infinite as Irrational Games decided to hold off on showing it at the industry's big gaming events like E3 and now gamescom.

While the sudden departure of both employees may be paint a trouble picture for the studio which is already being scrutinized for its delay and lack of details for BioShock Infinite, it could be possible that the two leaving has nothing to do with the game at all. Until Irrational Games issues some sort of statement, I suggest we all refrain from pushing the panic button.