Tropico 4 on Xbox 360 gets three new DLC packs

If you've been looking forward to more Tropico 4 goodness on Xbox 360, you'll be glad to know that three new content packs are now available to download via the Marketplace. Each DLC pack will run you 400 Microsoft Points, and they expand the game in numerous thematic ways.

The Megalopolis DLC features a brand new mission, tasking you with building massive island cities. A new building offers cheap housing but requires frequent repairs. The bureaucrat trait gives you the power to build low-cost residential buildings, all the while getting some sweet income. Also, you get a snazzy suit, a fancy neckace, and a monocle with the Mayor costume. A monocle!

The Pirate Heaven DLC includes island defenses, because pirates need good protection. You can also set sail, loot some items, and stash away all of your pirated goods. Then there's the new Pirate Queen outfit, which is sure to fulfill the fantasies of many (freaks).

Last is the Vigilante DLC. El Presidente will don a mask and take on the identity of a mysterious crusader. You can help people in need, capture baddies, and put them to work in the new labor camp. The Alter Ego trait will lower crime on the island, all the while boosting morale and tourism.

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