Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding for Wii Ships

March 24, 2010

Triple Crown Championship
Snowboarding for Wii Ships

Featured Riders Medal at 2010
Winter Games

Grab your board and hit the slopes
with some of the biggest names in competitive snowboarding! Destineer announces
that Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding for Wii has shipped to stores.
Compete against pros Hannah Teter, Gretchen Bleiler, Lindsey Jacobellis, Seth
Wescott, and Nate Holland in Snowboard Cross, Halfpipe, and Slopestyle events.
Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding is the only game that brings the biggest
pros and the best snowboarding events to your living room!

Destineer is proud to congratulate
each of the riders featured in Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding for their
performances at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Hannah Teter took silver in the half
pipe competition and Seth Wescott won his second consecutive gold medal for his
amazing performance in snowboard cross (SBX).


  • With full Wii Balance Board
    accessory support, Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding features four core
    event types with an additional matching number of variants:

    • Half pipe: The ideal setup to
      show off the most breathtaking tricks, Triple Crown Championship
      Snowboarding drops you into the pipe alone to rack up the highest score, but
      also offers two variants – Endless Half Pipe (where good tricks earn extra
      time to keep the run going) and Dual Half Pipe for head-to-head split screen

    • Snowboard Cross (SBX): A
      breakneck race to the finish, SBX features four riders at a time launching
      themselves down the mountain, trying to find the optimal path. Some friendly
      shoving might be the only way to clear your chosen line, so don’t worry
      about being gentle!

    • Slopestyle: Combining the
      tricking of half pipe with slalom’s white-knuckle precision speed, the
      Slopestyle events test players on all fronts.

    • Slalom: Speed is your friend,
      but accuracy getting around the gates correctly will earn you the top slot
      in Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding’s slalom races. One alternate
      challenge gives you precious time with each successfully-navigated gate to
      see how long you can make the ride last and another adds the friendly
      aggression of SBX’s shoves!

  • Each of the main event types also
    feature multiplayer (for two to four local players) and Wii Balance Board