Trine 2: Director’s Cut bringing new features to Wii U

Finnish game developer Frozenbyte is releasing Trine 2: Director's Cut — a new version of their puzzle-platformer that hit Xbox 360, PS3, and PCs last year — on the Wii U.

The Director's Cut will feature a new, unlockable level and integrate several minor tweaks. The revamped controls will better use the Wii U GamePad, and the exclusive "Magic Mayhem" mode will support local or online multiplayer for up to four players.

The game will also contain the upcoming The Goblin Menace expansion, which will also release as DLC for the PC edition of Trine 2 but is not planned for existing console versions. According to NeoGAF, the content will introduce six levels, character skills, and environments — such as the insides of a sand whale. Players can expect the add-on to launch with the Wii U.

Check out the E3 trailer below.

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