Tribal Trouble 2: create your own chieftain, manage your tribe and loot your neighborhood!

June 10, 2009

Tribal Trouble 2: Create your own
chieftain, manage your tribe and loot your neighborhood!

Oddlabs, the creator of the family
friendly real-time strategy game Tribal Trouble, announces the release of its
browser based successor: Tribal Trouble 2. Travel back in time once again and
set sail on new quests to familiar as well as foreign places all while building
your own career as chieftain of your tribe.

Tribal Trouble 2 is a cartoon style
3D real-time strategy game set in the wacky Viking age where pillaging and
plundering were everyone’s favorite pastimes. The game starts off somewhere high
up in the Cold North, where you are chieftain of your very own tribe. Your
hometown consists of little more than a couple of sheds, a carpenter and a small
row boat. From here it’s up to you to turn it into a bustling city and make your
name feared in all of the realms – all the way down to the African tribes in the
Deep South. Success won’t come by itself though: you need points to purchase new
buildings and enhance the abilities of your Viking raiders, and points are won
only on the battlefield!

Before you choose to test your
strength and skill against real enemies, be it computer controlled or other
online players, you might want to get a feel for the game. Hop into your row
boat and meet up with Grudgebeard Goatcheese, who will guide you through a
number of tutorials teaching you how to play the game’s real-time strategy part.

Each tutorial scenario, single
player quest or online multiplayer battle takes place on an island where you
must make use of whatever assets you have at your disposal to gather resources,
construct buildings, produce weapons, deploy armies and, ultimately, teach your
adversaries who’s in control!

You start out with a handful of
peasants, the most basic unit. These little fellows can chop down trees, mine
rocks, construct buildings and catch the brightly colored chickens that can give
weapons magical enhancements. Once you have built some quarters, an armory and a
few watchtowers to defend yourself, it’s time to start producing an army. In the
armory your peasants can turn your collected timber, rock, iron ore and chickens
into weapons which they can wield to become fearsome warriors. Things can be
spiced up a notch further by training a Lur Blaster in your quarters – his sheer
lack of musical abilities allows this guy to stun or kill enemies and wreck

While you were busy setting up a
base camp and churning out warriors, your opponents probably did the same. That
inevitably leads to clashes between the hordes of tribesmen swarming across the
island, and this is where your tactical sense comes into play. By utilizing the
varied terrain, you may be able to lure your clueless enemies into narrow
passages or position yourself so you can attack them from higher ground or have
your towers lend a little support.

Whenever you complete a quest or win
an online battle, you are awarded points to spend in your hometown. You can
invest them in new buildings to get more functionality, open up new parts of the
game, boost your strength on the battlefield in various ways – or how about a
complete makeover for your cheiftain to instill fear (or giggles perhaps) among
your enemies?

Once you have built a hall in your
hometown, you are no longer limited to single player quests, but can meet other
players and arrange multiplayer games on a number of islands specially designed
to give you all a fair start. Face off against a single opponent, team up
against another gang or try the "king of the hill" type Treasure Game; more maps
are being added each month!

Tribal Trouble 2 is very easy to get
started with: Simply click "Try it now!" on and you
are up and running – you can always create a new account later to save your
achievements. Managing your hometown, adjusting the looks of your chieftain and
choosing what quests to embark on are done in your browser. However, once the
fighting begins, the 3D real-time strategy game is launched in its own window or
full-screen mode if you prefer. No installation of the game is necessary; you
simply log in and play using one of the popular browsers in Windows, Mac OS X or


  • Easy to grasp 3D real-time
    strategy game launched directly from your browser – no installation required

  • 11 story driven single player
    quests and 8 multiplayer maps so far more are added each month

  • Build up your hometown with a
    selection of 12 types of buildings that will add new features or boost your
    strength in combat

  • Design your own chieftain or
    chieftess profile by picking the body type, facial expression, beard (males
    only!), clothing and helmets from a wide selection

  • The RTS part of the game features
    4 types of resources, 3 types of buildings and 5 types of units

  • 2-6 players can compete in
    multiplayer games with mile-wide islands and thousands of units frantically
    trying to wipe each other out

  • Quests to the far away tropics
    where you battle the African natives also known from Tribal Trouble

Pricing and Availability

Tribal Trouble 2 runs directly from
all of the major browsers (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+) with the
Sun Java plugin installed. Visit 
and click "Try it now!" to try the game right away.

The game itself is free to play, but
some features cost an amount of virtual currency that can either be bought or
earned within the game itself.