Trials Fusion set to release in April

Ubisoft and Red Lynx' addicting 2D stunt bike franchise will be making its return with Trials Fusion. The successful formula that made the franchise extremely popular is back with a full map-editor and tons of physics-based challenges to test your skills.

Trials Fusion builds off the same maddeningly addictive physics-based gameplay of its predecessors while incorporating brand-new features, including the FMX tricks system. Create tracks that stretch your imagination and skill, and put your friends to the test by sharing online with the bustling Trials Fusion community, made possible by the fan-favorite Editor mode. Whether players choose to race alone, against friends or in a worldwide tournament, the competition is endless… Just one run is never enough.

Trials Fusion will be available on April 16th and it's coming to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Oddly enough, the PlayStation 3 is not listed.