Treasure Adventure Game now on

Last year, indie developer Robit Studios released Treasure Adventure Game. The project was in development for quite some time, and when it launched, the great efforts behind it showed. It was a fun, enthralling, and completely captivating experience.

Treasure Adventure Game was pretty freakin' great, and it was also free. That made it, like, twice as awesome. I mean, there was no way anyone could complain about not being able to afford it. All they really had to do was download it and enjoy it.

If you have yet to play Treasure Adventure Game, I would highly suggest you download it this very instant. (Or else.) The game is now available on, which is pretty neat, and it's still free, so you don't need to worry about it having some new price attached to it. The game also features new content, including the unfinished title Karma that would eventually become Robit's wonderful indie gem.

Treasure Adventure Game was awarded the number four spot on GameZone's list of top 10 indie games of 2011, and it was well-deserved. If you dig indie games or are a big fan of retro titles, you really can't go wrong with Treasure Adventure Game. Now, download the game and get to explorin'!