Trash cans ‘better with Kinect’

As per usual, the Japanese are at it again.  This time the gadget revolves around garbage baskets.  This reminds me of something out of the Jetsons.  This trash can literally responds to objects thrown in the air and tries to respond to catch the object inside of it.  If you throw a can of soda or a crumbled up piece of paper, the tech will move to collect the garbage midflight.  It’s that easy.

How is all of this done?  If you didn’t guess the Kinect, you would be wrong.  The accurate motion sensors on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and PC accessory were enough for this inventor to create this mobile trash can.  This sort of tech just goes to show you what the Kinect is capable of.  I doubt we will see these trash receptacles mass produced but the technology is here now; so that’s something 

What else will become ‘better with Kinect?’

[Engadget via RocketNews24

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