‘Transformers 4’ to have female protagonist?

Michael Bay looooooves the ladies… as long as they don't speak and are hot. His idea of a female lead is Megan Fox in the skimpiest outfit providing eye candy for two hours. So not only was it concerning when Michael Bay said he wasn't doing another Transformers, only to say he's doing Transformers 4, but it's also concerning when he says the lead will be a female protagonist.

Now don't misunderstand me; I'm all for a female lead in the movie. I'm just worried about how that lead will be handled. Obviously, she'll have to have a ton of sex appeal to be in a Michael Bay movie. Spoiler TV is the site that reported this rumor, as well as the description for the new characters. Apparently, she will be a high school senior, and her boyfriend is a Texan racecar driver. Oh boy…

Bay said this one will be his last Transformers movie, but there is a Transformers 5 rumored, as well. What do you think of these female protagonist rumors and the description?

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[Source: Totalfilm]