TrackMania DS Demo Now Available on Nintendo Channel

March 9, 2009

DS Demo Now Available on Nintendo Channel

For a limited time, and in advance
of the game’s release on March 17th, Wii owners connected to Nintendo Channel
can play sample portions of TrackMania DS, the upcoming high-flying, fast-paced
racing game, by downloading the demo directly to their Nintendo DS systems.

Only available for a limited time,
this small taste of what the full package offers is sure to satisfy racing fans
looking for something with unique style and nearly unlimited replay. Yes, we
know it’s not an RPG, but you don’t have to be a racing fan to enjoy the high
speed excitement of TrackMania!

Featuring three "Stadium" tracks
from the final game, the demo was custom-made for North America. The courses
increase in difficulty, length, and complexity, with the first course (A4)
allowing racing fans to acclimate to the distinct feel and thrill of the
TrackMania series. The second track (B4) is selected from the next difficulty
tier, and begins to introduce players to some of the over-the-top jumps and
stunts the series is known for. The final track (C5) is an Atlus-favorite, with
quarter-pipe vaults, loop-de-loops, and some of the most pulse-pounding racing
action ever to hit a handheld.

The final game comes with over 100
tracks, spanning three unique environments (Stadium, Desert, and Rally) and
multiple difficulty settings. The final game also includes multiple play modes,
including Platform and Puzzle modes, which each take the base TrackMania
gameplay and introduce a chalenging new twist. Best of all, the full version of
TrackMania DS includes a powerful Track Design System, allowing players to
create custom courses, share them with friends via local wireless support, and
then race on those creations.

The TrackMania DS demo is only
available for a limited time, so don’t delay! TrackMania DS is currently
scheduled for release on March 17.