Tower Pack DLC now available for Metro: Last Light

The second piece of DLC is now available for Metro: Last Light. Deep Silver released the "Tower Pack" DLC on Steam for PC and Xbox Live worldwide, and PlayStation Network today, while Europe and the rest of the world will get it on PSN tomorrow. 

In the Tower Pack, players have to fight their way up a heavily guarded tower, or virtual combat simulator. For every level you go up, the difficulty increases. Each level is packed with enemies, mutants and things that are just waiting to kill you as you make your way to the top of the global leaderboards.

The Tower Pack add-on content will cost $4.99 if you didn't get the Metro: Last Light Season Pass. It is the second piece of DLC to be part of the Season Pass. 

Upcoming Metro: Last Light DLC includes the Developer Pack, which has a shooting gallery, AI arena, Metro Museum and The Spiders' Nest — a bonus solo mission. The Chronicles Pack has three original single-player missions where the player plays as three of the game's characters — Pavel, Khan and Ulman, and Anna — as you explore their side stories. 

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