Total War: Shogun 2 Combines with Team Fortress 2, Cool Bonuses All Around

SEGA has struck a deal with Valve that will inject some Japanese flavor into Team Fortress 2. The studio is so pumped about releasing Total War: Shogun 2 that pre-purchasing the game on Steam will automatically “samuraize” the over-the-top shooter.

Community-created items range from funny hats and masks and even in-game weapons that directly influence a character’s statistics. Pre-purchasing Total War: Shogun 2 isn’t the only way to unlock them; more patient players can directly purchase the items through the Mann Co. in-game store or hope for lucky item drops.

Is this a viable market strategy? The incentive may influence a few buys, but nabbing the add-ons through the in-game store is more convenient, and getting a lucky item drop is even better. Team Fortress 2 is the ideal game for this kind of deal, however, given that its laid back community is constantly gifted funny updates and the like. Still, samurai gear is always a treat, so if you’re a Team Fortress 2 owner, get in the goods.

Total War: Shogun 2 releases March 15. Check out the full contents of the pack below, courtesy of PC Gamer.


Fan O’War – Replaces the Scout’s melee weapon with a ceremonial Japanese fan. Hitting enemies with this marks them for death. All damage taken causes mini-crits.
Concheror – Flag replacement for the Soldier’s Buff Banner. Nearby allies will be healed by a percentage of the damage they deal to the enemy.
Half-Zatoichi – A samurai sword for the Soldier and the Demoman. Once drawn, it cannot be re-sheathed until it has tasted blood. Killing an enemy with it will heal you to 100% health.
Conniver’s Kunai – A ninja assassin’s blade for the Spy. It reduces the Spy’s base health to 60, but absorbs the health of backstabbed enemies, boosting the Spy’s health to a maximum of 180.


Samur-Eye – Black Kabuto Helmet for the Demoman.
Dread Knot – A sumo wrestler top knot for the Heavy.
Geisha Boy – Geisha hair for the Medic.
Noh Mercy – A demonic mask for the Spy.