Total War: Rome 2 makes sacking Carthage look gorgeous

If this is actual gameplay footage, which SEGA says it is, then Total War: Rome 2 fans are in for a real treat. SEGA has released a new trailer giving fans the first in-game look at the next title in the award-winning series. The video presents a brief glimpse of the epic warfare and extreme detail players can expect when Total War: Rome 2 releases in 2013.

In the video you'll see gameplay footage consisting of Rome breaking the three-year-long siege of Carthage. Only the brilliant tactician Scipio Aemilianus has the necessary determination and suicidal ambition to successfully siege Carthage. As you'll see, victory comes at an extremely high price.

The visuals are so impressive that it's almost hard to believe that this is actual gameplay footage. Thankfully, Total War: Rome 2 is a completely scalable experience that allows you to play the game regardless of your PC specifications. I can only imagine the requirements to get the game to look as gorgeous as it does in this video.