Total War: ROME 2 dev walks us through The Battle of Teutoburg Forest

Sure, sure… I may have geeked out when I talked about the Total War: ROME 2 Battle of Teutoburg Trailer a bit ago. I admit it, that’s fine. Creative Assembly isn’t quite done arousing the historian in me quite yet though. Now they have released pre-alpha footage showing the three phases of the battle in one video while bring narrated by Creative Assembly staff.

If you’ve played ANY of Total War games in the past you may very well get your mind blown by a combination of the graphics and new features. The battle arena for this ambush is breathtaking. The tactical map option also allows easy access and command for your units across the entire battlefield. No man left behind, EVEN when giant flaming bounders are being rolled upon your legions.

Watch the video above and drool some.