Total War: Rome 2 Assembly Kit Beta has arrived

If you’re a modder and a Total War: Rome II fan, you should be pretty damn exited for the Assembly Kit Beta that just went live. What is the Assembly Kit you ask? It’s a mod-tool specifically designed to alter the Rome II experience like never before.

The Assembly Kit offers an array of devices to edit Rome II’s database, variants, process data – textures, models, animations, and campaign-game start positions. So if you’re a fan of third party software, Creative Assembly invites you to edit and export with them until your little heart is content. The Kit is rich with example data from boats to animations.

To get this bad boy, download it form the “Tools” section of Steam. Hook it up to the Steam Workshop and receive over 1000 user created mods already. Let’s see just what this community can invent. Get creative with it.